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Keysight EEsof EDA Training Course Calendar EUROPE

Below are all courses scheduled at Keysight location. In addition to this schedule, Keysight can also offer on-site sessions with the same or customised contents to meet your particular needs.

Course Name Length Jun'17 Jul'17 Sep'17 Oct'17 Nov'17 Dec'17
Genesys Fundamentals class 3 days            
EMPro Fundamentals class 2 days

20 - 21 Jun Germany (Munich)

28 - 29 Jun France (Les Ulis)


SystemVue Fundamentals class

Spectrasys class

2 days       11-12 Oct France (Les Ulis)    
Device Modeling week ICCAP 3 days             
Device Modeling week ICCAP - Waferpro express - MBP - MQA 3 days            
Device Modeling (WaferPro express-MBP-MQA) 3 days            
High-Speed Digital Design using ADS 4 days            
ADS Fundamentals training (Workspaces - Layout - EM introduction) 3 days     19-21 Sep Germany (Munich) 17-19 Oct France (Les Ulis) 7-9 Nov UK (Winnersh)  
Advanced Circuit in ADS 3 days            

Advanced EM in ADS

3 days 26-28 June France (Les Ulis)     24-26 Oct Italy (Roma)

14 - 16 Nov UK (Winnersh)

28 - 30 Nov Germany (Munich)

SI Pro - PI Pro 1 day       10 Oct France (Les Ulis)    
  • Enroll by clicking on one of the links above or by emailing the email address below:
    Contact Name: Nathalie Raoul 


Keysight Technologies reserves the right to change course prices at anytime. In the event of such a change, confirmed registrations will be honored at the original price. Registrations confirmed by a purchase order within 30 days of a price increase will also be honored at the original price.

Cancellations by Keysight

Keysight reserves the right to change or cancel a class at any time prior to the class start date. We will review its enrollment and you will be notified at that time of such change or cancellation. Please keep this in mind when making nonchangeable flight arrangements.

Note: Keysight is not responsible for fees related to travel and lodging changes.