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IMS 2013 (IEEE MTT-S) – Connect, Expert to Expert, at Agilent Avenue

IMS 2013






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3D EM Simulation
System-Level Design & Verification
RF System Architecture Design
Silicon RFIC Design & Simulation Solutions
MMIC/RF Module Front-to-Back Design
X-Parameter Simulation with ADS
Millimeter Wave Sources and Analyzers
Millimeter Wave Network Analyzers
Materials Measurements
High Frequency RF and Microwave Test Accessories
Physical Layer Test System (PLTS)
RF and Microwave Field Test Tools
Wideband Signal Generation and Analysis
Peak Power Solutions
PXI and AXIe Modular Solutions
LTE-Adv and MSR Design Validation and Manufacturing
802.11ac Chipset Design Validation and Component Test
Signal Integrity Solutions
50Ghz Noise Figure Measurements
uWave ATE

• And more products/solutions to be announced at the show!

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Agilent Avenue - Follow the street signs to visit with Agilent Partners providing:
  • Modeling and device characterization solutions
• Semiconductor foundry solutions
• Wafer, IC, and circuit board measurements and prototyping tools
• Antenna measurement systems and test chambers
• Custom ATE
• And MORE!


Technical Programs and Workshops
Event Date Time Title
Workshop June 2 08:00 - 17:00 WSK: Tutorial on Doherty Power Amplifier Circuits and Design Methodologies 
Short Course June 2 08:00 - 17:00 SC-2: Demystifying Device Characterization – An interactive course for transistor characterization through behavioral and compact modeling and load pull 
Workshop June 3 08:00 - 17:00 High Speed Signal Integrity Workshop 
Student Design Competitions June 4   SDC-WBB Wideband Baluns 
SCD-HEPA High Efficiency Power Amplifier Contest 
SDC-LSNA Measurement Competition 
SDC-PTNF Packaged Tunable Notch Filters 
MicroApp June 4 9:50 Simulating Envelope Tracking
MicroApp June 4 10:10 Breaking the RF Carrier Barrier: 0 to 200 in Under a Second
MicroApp June 4 13:30 Rapid Simulation of Large Phased Array T/R Module Networks
MicroApp June 4 13:50 How to Make Your Designs More Robust
MicroApp June 4 14:10 Nuances in Creation of Pulsed Waveforms
MicroApp June 4 15:50 Advances in Load Pull Simulation
MicroApp June 4 16:10 Creating and Analyzing Multi-Emitter Environment Test Signals with COTS Equipment
MicroApp June 4 16:30 Making Precision RF/MW Cable and Antenna Test in the Field
MicroApp June 5 9:10 Real-Time, Triggering, & Signal Capture for Agile and Elusive Signals
MicroApp June 5 9:30 Power Added Efficiency (PAE) Analysis with 8990B Peak Power Analyzer
MicroApp June 5 11:10 KEYNOTE: Modern RF Measurements and How They Drive Spectrum Analyzer Digital IF Processor Design
Users Group June 5 11:30 - 13:30 RF System Design with Integrated Circuit Synthesis  < Register Now
MicroApp June 5 12:30 Environment Simulation for Counter-IED Jammer Test
MicroApp June 6 9:10 Multi-Chip RF Module Assembly
MicroApp June 6 11:10 Alternative Methods and Optimization Techniques for Vector Modulation
MicroApp June 6 13:30 Optimizing On-Wafer Noise Figure Measurements to 67 GHz
MicroApp June 6 13:50 Understanding Probability of Intercept for Intermittent Signals
Workshop June 7 08:00 - 17:00 SC-10: Procedures and Techniques for Characterizing High-Power Devices using Vector Network Analyzers  < Read more

 Our Partners on Agilent Avenue




 ATE Systems

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Custom Systems

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• IBM 

In-Phase Technologies 

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Maury Microwave 

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Modelithics, Inc. 

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Virginia Diodes 

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