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HSPA+ and LTE Test Challenges for Multi-Format UE Developers Webcast

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Why this webcast is imporant:
LTE is “hot”. And so is 2G/3G/3.5G led by HSPA+. Both are getting redefined with new thresholds for high data throughput and an IP based transport. Demands on handset developers are unprecedented as they add more radios, implement the latest 4G wireless technologies seamlessly with legacy 2G/3G and support the performance needs of a multitude of applications.

This webcast will discuss the trends and opportunity with HSPA+, and the challenges faced by handset developers in delivering reliable performance at high data rates. It provides insights on the test needs with dual-carrier HSDPA and HSPA+ implementation.

Who should attend:
Wireless device developers working on multiple technologies especially HSPA and LTE.

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Training & Event Materials

HSPA+ and LTE Test Challenges for Multi-Format UE Developers Slides 
Feb 9, 2012 Webcast Slides

Seminar Materials 2012-02-09