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Nonlinear characterisation and modeling through pulsed IV/S-parameters

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Amplifier designers have been making use of modern transistor models since their first appearance in the mid-1970s. Models have allowed engineers to create advanced designs with first-pass success without the need for multiple prototypes and design iterations. Compact transistor models, based on measured IV and S-Parameters, allow designers to shift focus from transistor designs to circuit designs. Extracted from quasi-isothermal pulsed IV and pulsed S-Parameter data and validated with load pull characterisation, compact transistor models contain a reduced set of parameters.

Unlike other model types, compact models take into account complex phenomena such as electro-thermal and trapping effects. For simulations under nonlinear operating conditions, responses to complex modulated signals (such as EVM or ACPR) are accurately predicted as low-frequency and high-frequency memory effects are taken into account. Compact transistor models are ideal for die-level applications, as developing such a model from IV and S-Parameters is straightforward and relatively quick.

During this web seminar you will learn and see examples of the design flow from Pulsed IV and Pulsed S-Parameters to Compact Transistor Models.

Who should attend?

Semiconductor Fabs, Fabless Semiconductor Designers, Transistor Designers, Modeling Engineers, Amplifier Designers, Gallium Nitride (GaN) Users.

The presenters

  • Steve Dudkiewicz:

Steve DudkiewiczSteve Dudkiewicz is Director of Business Development at Maury Microwave Corporation and is based in Toronto, Canada.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal Canada and has spent the past seven years working in the device characterisation, measurement and modeling industry with a concentration on load pull and noise parameter measurements between 40 MHz and 110 GHz. Steve is the author of over a dozen application notes and has been published in the Microwave Journal and Microwaves & RF magazines as well as having presented at numerous IEEE events. Steve is a regular presenter and participant in Agilent workshops and seminars across the globe.


  • Tony Gasseling:

Tony GasselingTony passed his PhD degree in 2003. The topic of its PhD was about “A new characterisation technique of "Four hot S parameters" for the study of nonlinear parametric behaviors of microwave components”.

During the year 2004, with the support of the European Social Fund, he launches AMCAD Engineering Company, a spin-off of the XLIM Laboratory (Limoges-FRANCE). Supported by French incubator and High Business School of Paris (HEC-startup), this project was awarded by the 2004 French ANVAR contest dedicated to help in the creation of innovative technological companies. AMCAD Engineering is now employing 10 PhDs to support a strong innovation into the field to testing solutions for RF and microwave circuits.


  • Hiro Maehara:

Hiro MaeharaHiro is an application expert and product marketing engineer for Keysight’s PNA and PNA-X Series network analysers and manages new product launch and application enhancements. Hiro focuses primarily on new applications including multiport, differential, pulsed, and active device measurements. Hiro joined Agilent Technologies (Hewlett-Packard) in 1989 as a product line manager of the VXI modular instrument standard in Tokyo, Japan. In 2000 Hiro was named product manager of the Keysight’s first ENA Series RF network analyser. In 2003 Hiro moved to Santa Rosa, California where he worked as a vector network analyser business development engineer for the Americas region. In 2005, Hiro moved to his current product marketing position.

Hiro holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with a major in communication technologies from Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo, Japan.

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