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H7216X-222 Signaling & Advanced GSM Operation Techniques

3   Days | Formazione in aula | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Switching, planning, optimization, and maintenance engineers

This course provides in-depth operational concepts of GSM operations.

What you will Learn

  • This course starts with signaling basics, with an emphasis on SS7 basics. The course will deal with various GSM specific signaling protocols.
  • It also covers the cell database parameters, which are keys to network optimization.
  • After completing of this course, your group will be able to effectively analyze critical network operational issues.


  • GSM Basics or equivalent


  • Signaling Basics
  • Signaling in GSM
  • Signaling Procedures
  • Channels and Frame Structures
  • Mobile Camp On
  • System Information Messages
  • Mobile Cell Access
  • Security Procedures
  • Location Update Procedures
  • Mobile Originated Call
  • Discontinuous Transmission
  • Paging Procedure
  • Mobile Terminated Calls
  • Roaming Procedures
  • Active Mode Procedures
  • Call Clearing Procedures

Where & When

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Training & Event Materials

Signaling and Advanced GSM Operation Techniques 
This is a specially designed course to provide in-depth operational concepts of GSM operations.

Data Sheet 2004-01-29