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H7216X-312 Fundamentals of CDMA

2   Days | Formazione in aula | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Any technical person who needs to have a background on CDMA technology

This course sheds light on CDMA technology. It brings out the advantages of CDMA technology over the present TDMA technology as well as its limitations.

What you will Learn

  • CDMA concept as compared with TDMA and FDMA
  • Diversity, rake receivers, different codes, channel coding, scrambling, and modulation in IS-95 system
  • Physical layers and different logical channels used in the IS-95 system
  • System Access and Call processing
  • Power control, variable rate coding, soft handoff procedures
  • Call processing and security procedures


  • Basic understanding of wireless communication technologies, analog mobile systems, and radio systems


  • Basics of CDMA Technology
  • Correlative Codes
  • Frequency Reuse Patterns
  • CDMA Diversity
  • Power Control
  • System Access
  • Soft Hand-off
  • Paging procedures
  • Call processing states
  • Security procedures
  • Authentication
  • Ladder diagrams

Where & When

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Training & Event Materials

Fundamentals of CDMA 
This course discusses advantages of CDMA technology over TDMA technology as well as its limitations.

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