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Generating Wideband Multi-channel RADAR Signals using High-Speed AWGs Webcast

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This webcast will give an overview of why you should consider using a high-speed arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), not just for I/Q baseband generation, but for direct RF signal generation – in particular, for pulsed RADAR applications. After looking at the basic high-speed AWG architecture, you’ll understand the capabilities and limitations of using an AWG relative to a traditional signal generator. Finally, we’ll look at a number of example measurements that show the unique benefits of using an AWG in this application.


Engineers who need to generate I/Q baseband signals for multi-channel RADARs.


Thomas Dippon, Strategic Product Planner, Keysight Technologies

Thomas Dippon is Keysight’s product marketing and strategic product planner for the high-speed arbitrary waveform generator product portfolio.

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