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LTE Channel State testing: An Overview of CQI, PMI, and RI for LTE

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What is the webcast about:
Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) testing for 2G and 3G products was a fairly straightforward process of assessing a single downlink channel and reporting. In LTE however, the downlink resources allocated to a UE can be spread over the full channel bandwidth (up to 20MHz), with considerable variations in Channel Quality across the channel. MIMO adds further complexity and reporting requirements such as Pre-coding Matrix Indicator (PMI) and Rank Indicator (RI). Much of the expected improvements in resource utilization required by LTE will rely on the accurate reporting of these results.

This paper describes and examines the various tests Channel State features, the requirements specified, interference methods, the expected results and the methods used for LTE Channel State Testing (CQI, PMI, RI). Supplemental testing required to ensure that LTE will be in a position to take advantage of these new reporting processes is also considered.


Who should attend:
Engineers working on RF measurements, physical layer testing, pre-conformance testing for 36.521 section 9, real world testing to ensure end user satisfaction and regression and SV&V engineers.

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