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How to Verify Your LTE MAC and RF Interactions

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What is the Webcast About?
For system-integration engineers and verification engineers, the troubleshooting of new BTS (eNodeB) and UE designs will only get tougher as wireless standards become more advanced. In standards such as LTE, the biggest challenges stem from the complex interactions between the physical (PHY) and media access control (MAC) layers during signaling operations. This webcast starts with a description of the different protocol layers, and the messages they contain, used to configure the uplink transmissions and manage the link operation. A number of examples are then used to show what these signals look like, using data from real equipment. The examples include recovery of vital uplink configuration details during eNodeB-UE synchronization and HARQ process activity in response to noise in the channel, which demonstrates how small changes to the eNodeB configuration can have a dramatic impact on the system throughput. Many engineers working at the PHY layer rely on two tools: RF signal analyzers such as the Agilent X-Series and vector signal analysis software such as the Agilent 89600 VSA. As a complement to the 89600 VSA, Agilent has created the 89600 wireless link analysis (WLA) software to help PHY-focused engineers understand the MAC-layer control messaging that occurs between devices. The webcast makes extensive use of the new analysis tool.

Who Should View this Webcast?
- Baseband and RF Engineers involved in the development, verification and testing of the LTE eNodeB or the UE
- Systems & Integration engineers involved in FDD or TDD LTE development
- Engineering Managers of teams developing or integrating LTE Femtocells, base stations and mobiles
- Engineers who have or are transferring from WiMAX to LTE development work
- All existing users of 89600 VSA & LTE Signal Studio

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How to Verify your LTE MAC and RF Interactions 
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