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High Sensitivity Current Measurements and Probing Solutions

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Battery life is important in all portable electronic devices, but for medical devices, a properly functioning battery can be life-critical. Today’s medical devices integrate combinations of device monitoring, sensing, digital processing, and wired or wireless communication features that generate highly dynamic power consumption profiles. Medical device designers face ever-increasing demands for longer battery life, especially for implantable and safety-critical external devices.

Understanding the issues faced when connecting to the device under test (DUT) is a critical aspect of the battery drain analysis. Tradeoffs based on the application need to include probe effects such as burden voltages and capacitance as well as dynamic range considerations, required bandwidth for various measurements, and resolution (number of digits or bits).

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Design and test engineers who develop portable, implantable, or other medical devices where analyzing and understanding power consumption is critical.


Chris Kelly, Application Engineer, Keysight Technologies

Chris Kelly is an Applications Engineer Expert/Scientist with Keysight Technologies in Loveland, Colorado. Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Mexico, and Master of Science in Computer Science from Colorado State University, with emphasis on Operating Systems and Computer Architecture.

Chris has a long history within R&D/Product Development at HP-Agilent-Keysight dating back to 1983, developing many bench and card based instruments. He holds 6 patents, and has been a frequent contributor of articles and videos over the years.

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