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H7240A/B-118 Logic Analysis Fundamentals for Computer Solutions

1/2   Days | Formation en classe | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Hardware engineers, software engineers, technicians, lab managers, or anyone who wants to better understand methods for solving digital design problems using logic analyzers

This four-hour class will teach the student to configure and use the 16700 series of logic analysis tools to design and debug digital systems.

What you will Learn

  • Configure and use the 16702B logic analyzer
  • Develop an understanding of logic analyzers and gain intuition to resolve tough digital design problems
  • Gain insight into the full range of logic analyzer capabilities
  • Acquire the knowledge essential for using a logic analyzer, focusing on areas where users will typically spend the most time
  • Curriculum learning is combined with demo-style laboratories that can be repeated at the student's convenience, utilizing provided course materials


  • Attendees should have a basic understanding of digital circuits


  • Presentations
    • Introduction and Overview
    • State Mode Logic Analysis
    • Timing Mode Logic Analysis
    • Logic Analyzer Triggering
  • Demonstrations
    • Timing Analysis
    • State Analysis
    • Combined State and Timing
    • Counters and Timer

Where & When

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