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Moving to Non-Signaling Manufacturing Test for Wireless Devices Webcast

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What is the Webcast About?
As wireless devices rapidly evolve, more wireless bands and formats are being implemented on chipsets used in smart phones, tablets, and other wireless communication devices. Manufacturers are looking for cost-effective ways to test these complex devices while moving them quickly into volume manufacturing. Non-signaling test is widely accepted as the fastest, most cost-effective technique for testing current and next-generation wireless devices in manufacturing. This presentation discusses the requirements to effectively implement non-signaling test including:
• What is non-signaling test?
• Chipset test capabilities, now and future
• Required test equipment capabilities
• Tools and techniques to maximize throughput with minimum effort

Who Should View this Webcast?
Test engineers and managers responsible for developing the test processes for smart phones, tablets, other wireless devices.

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Moving to Non-Signaling Manufacturing Test for Wireless Devices Webcast Slides 
Feb 23, 2012 Webcast Slides

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