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Using Wireless Signal Decoding to Verify LTE Radio Signals

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LTE radio signals are complex and dynamic. Some of the information about how they are constructed only appears at certain times, for example a lot of System Information is sent regularly every two or eight frames. Other parts of the OFDMA and SCDMA signals can change rapidly based on the payload type and the operation of six channel control loops. The control loops manage use of transmit power, modulation, error correction, HARQ re-transmissions and multi-antenna operation. This webcast uses a series of examples to let you understand what the LTE signals look like and how to decode them. You will find out how to verify the detailed content of both downlink and uplink signals, and make sure that content is correct. The presentation makes extensive use of the 89600B VSA.

Who should view this Webcast?
- Baseband and RF Engineers involved in the development, verification and testing of the LTE eNodeB or the UE
- Systems & Integration engineers involved in FDD or TDD LTE development
- Engineering Managers of teams developing or integrating LTE Femtocells, base stations and mobiles
- Engineers who have or are transferring from WiMAX to LTE development work
- All existing users of 89600 VSA & LTE Signal Studio


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