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Evénements Keysight en France

Bienvenue sur la page des événements auxquels Keysight participe en France.


Keysight Technologies participe en tant qu'exposant à de nombreux salons et colloques mais organise également des séminaires techniques gratuits dans de nombreux domaines. Cette liste sera remise à jour régulièrement.


Name Description Date Location Information
SIMTEC France 2014

SIMTEC France Journées Test & Mesure 2014

Le SIMTEC c’est 55 entreprises réalisant dans les domaines du test et de la mesure plus de 320 millions d’euros de CA soit environ 75% du marché français (liste des adhérents disponible sur ).

Le SIMTEC organise avec FM PROMOTION des expositions « Journées Test & Mesure » dans 8 villes de France.
Ces journées sont ouvertes à nos adhérents, ainsi qu’aux entreprises intéressées par les secteurs du test, de la mesure et des capteurs…

21 Janvier - 2 Décembre France S'incrire
SystemVue Training in France (LesUlis)

Keysight Technologies invites you to attend a training on RF System Design. Attending the training will give you key benefits of the SystemVue tool usage and keep you up to date with the latest technologies and solutions for RF System simulation.

Designing a successful RF system architecture is reliant on a designer’s ability to obtain a clear understanding of what impairments are present in a design, and the extent to which impairment affects the overall system performance. This training will provide hands-on experience using SystemVue to analyze a design, and make improvements base on critical trade-offs between cost and performance.


2nd & 3rd
December, 2014

Les Ulis, France Click here
ADS Fundamentals class in Paris

Join us for 3 Learning Days in Paris next March 24, 25 & 26, 2015!

We are pleased to offer 3 dedicated days of training on ADS to help you get started with the software, or if you already know some ADS, to develop a more detailed understanding to increase your productivity further, or simply to get a valuable refresh if you haven’t used ADS for some time or infrequently.

March, 2015
Les Ulis, France Click here
Genesys Learning days in France Are you interested in getting more productive? Are you getting all the value that GENESYS can provide?

Join us for the GENESYS Learning Days in France starting on Tuesday April 8th 2015! Over the course of the three days we will offer a continuous series of training classes with hands-on labs covering a wide range of topics about RF-Circuit, Electromagnetic- and System-Simulation
June, 2015
Les Ulis, France Click here
EMPro class 2015 in France Keysight Technologies invites you to attend a training on 3D electromagnetic simulations. Attending the training will give you the necessary background for effective EMPro tool usage and keep you up to date with the latest technology innovations in the exciting field of high-frequency electromagnetics.

23rd & 24th
June, 2015

Les Ulis, France Click here