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Join Keysight at Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2017

Keysight at Automotive Testing Expo, June 20 – 22, Stuttgart– Stand 1062

The intelligent and connected car is no longer a futuristic concept, but an exciting reality. With increasing levels of electronics enabling sophisticated navigation, safety and infotainment features, the industry is witnessing one of the fastest convergence of automotive and energy technologies.

To experience our latest innovative solutions for connected car, automotive radar, battery and automotive serial buses, we invite you to pre-book an appointment with us at Stand 1062.

Here the demos we’ll be showcasing:

Demo What’s New
Electric Powertrain -
Cell/Battery characterization
Cell and battery characterization solution to characterize the capacity of cells under charge/discharge conditions that match the actual application, while assuring safety of the cell, test equipment and personnel
Electric Powertrain -
On Board Charger Testing
Hybrid-Electric / Electric Vehicle (HEV / EV) power converter test solution enables safe and effective testing of high-voltage, high-power HEV / EV components
Connected Car -
eCall & Virtual Drive Test

eCall/ERA-GLONASS end-to-end functional and conformance test and Virtual driving testing toolset enable real-world, automated performance testing of connected car and network infrastructure in the lab

Connected Car -V2X Module Testing Fast, accurate, multi-wireless format, multiple TRX and cost effective V2X standard verification test

Automotive Radar Solutions /Assisted Driving Systems

77 GHz and 79 GHz millimeter wave with 4 GHz or wider band signal characterization with new UXA signal analyzer providing up to 110GHz continuous sweeps and arbitrary waveform generator providing wide bandwidth modulated signals.

Radar Target Simulator A flexible, yet dynamic solution for product test engineers looking for a fast, accurate and reliable test system that balances throughput and quality, and for design and verification engineers who needs to quickly validate the performance of radar products.

System-level FMCW radar simulation software that supports various Keysight hardware to provide insight on simulated signals of prototype designs at early R&D stage

Automotive Serial Buses

Protocol decode/trigger, eye-diagram mask testing, and physical layer compliance test packages for various automotive serial buses.

Our broad and powerful range of hardware and software, with dedicated people to help you succeed, will give you better automotive insights and help your innovations come to the market earlier.

Join us at Stand 1062