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Keysight Veranstaltungs-Webseite für Deutschland

Willkommen zur neuen Keysight Veranstaltungs-Webseite für Deutschland


Keysight Technologies nimmt an zahlreichen Messen und Konferenzen als Aussteller teil, bietet aber auch kostenlose technische Seminare in vielen Bereichen an. Diese Liste wird regelmäßig aktualisiert.


Name Beschreibung Datum Ort Informationen
HF Grundlagen Seminar

Als William Hewlett & Dave Packard vor rund 75 Jahren in ihrer Garage als Jungingenieure angefangen haben, basierten ihre Entwicklungen auf fundierten Messtechnik-Grundlagen.

Wir, die deren Tradition weiterführen – jetzt als Keysight Technologies - , sind uns der Wichtigkeit der Grundlagen bewußt, die den Anfang jeder Innovation bilden und laden Sie hiermit recht herzlich zu diesem kostenlosen HF Grundlagen Seminar ein.

27. Januar 2015 Magdeburg Anmeldung
ADS Fundamentals class in Germany

Join us for 3 Learning Days in Germany next January 27,28 & 29, 2015!

We are pleased to offer 3 dedicated days of training on ADS to help you get started with the software, or if you already know some ADS, to develop a more detailed understanding to increase your productivity further, or simply to get a valuable refresh if you haven’t used ADS for some time or infrequently.

January 2015
Click here
EMPro class 2015 in Germany Keysight Technologies invites you to attend a training on 3D electromagnetic simulations. Attending the training will give you the necessary background for effective EMPro tool usage and keep you up to date with the latest technology innovations in the exciting field of high-frequency electromagnetics.
10-11 February 2015 Oberhaching Click here
HSD Learning Week in Germany

Join us for the HSD Learning event in Oberhaching starting on Tuesday March 3rd, 2015!

This training class is designed for engineers with an RF/microwave background who are involved in high-speed mixed-signal design and for engineers with high-level expertise who are looking for improving in-depth knowledge on high-speed digital simulation techniques.
Come and learn more about how to close your design on specification and schedule using the latest HSD Design and Verification solutions.

3-6 March 2015

Oberhaching Click here
Genesys Learning days in Germany

Are you interested in getting more productive? Are you getting all the value that GENESYS can provide?

Join us for the GENESYS Learning Days in Böblingen starting on Tuesday January 20th 2015! Over the course of the three days we will offer a continuous series of training classes with hands-on labs covering a wide range of topics about RF-Circuit, Electromagnetic- and System-Simulation.

10-12 January 2015 Böblingen Click here
ADS EM class in Germany (Munich) Join us for 3 Learning Days in Germany next April 21, 22, 23 2015!

For users of ADS with a thorough understanding of the layout environment and who have learned the fundamentals of Momentum simulations, meshing, Momentum RF and Momentum Microwave, and the common EM GUI for MoM and FEM (topics covered in the 3 day ADS Fundamentals class), this 3 day class allows them to expand their knowledge into the advanced and powerful capabilities built on top of the basic infrastructure.
21-23 April
Oberhaching Click here
Device Modeling Learning Week in Germany Why is device modeling important?

If you want to understand the principles to perform reliable baseband and RF measurements, then seamlessly extract device model cards while being able to take into account reliability and statistics or portability on commercial EDA simulators, or if you want to understand the challenges of the recent advances in compact modeling (BSIM6/BSIM-CMG…), then join us for the next Device Modeling Learning Week in Böblingen, Germany, from Monday 15th until Friday 19th June 2015.
15-19 June 2015 Böblingen Click here