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Keysight Veranstaltungs-Webseite für Deutschland

Willkommen zur neuen Keysight Veranstaltungs-Webseite für Deutschland


Keysight Technologies nimmt an zahlreichen Messen und Konferenzen als Aussteller teil, bietet aber auch kostenlose technische Seminare in vielen Bereichen an. Diese Liste wird regelmäßig aktualisiert.


Name Beschreibung Datum Ort Informationen
ADS Fundamentals class

We are pleased to offer 3 dedicated days of training on ADS to help you get started with the software, or if you already know some ADS, to develop a more detailed understanding to increase your productivity further, or simply to get a valuable refresh if you haven’t used ADS for some time or infrequently.

27-29 September, 2016 Oberhaching, Germany Click here
SIPro and PIPro

In this workshop, you will learn the new innovative pure EM based SIPro and PIPro composite technologies for designing high speed digital boards. SIPro and PIPro provides a cohesive workflow with ADS for signal integrity and power integrity applications.

4-6 October, 2016

München & Böblingen, Germany Click here
ADS Circuit class in Germany

Engineers, scientists, and students have repeatedly confirmed that attending the Keysight EEsof training classes has significantly benefitted their productive use of the Advanced Design System. You, too, can benefit from the next in-depth training class by joining us for 3 Learning Days (you choose) in Munich, Germany next November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, 2016!

22-24 November, 2016 Munich, Germany Click here
EM in ADS class For users of ADS with a thorough understanding of the layout environment and who have learned the fundamentals of Momentum simulations, meshing, Momentum RF and Momentum Microwave, and the common EM GUI for MoM and FEM (topics covered in the 3 day ADS Fundamentals class), this 3 day class allows them to expand their knowledge into the advanced and powerful capabilities built on top of the basic infrastructure. 29 November - 1 December, 2016 Böblingen, Germany Click here
Genesys Learning days in Germany

Join us for the GENESYS Learning Days! Over the course of the three days we will offer a continuous series of training classes with hands-on labs covering a wide range of topics about RF-Circuit, Electromagnetic- and System-Simulation.

6-8 December, 2016 Böblingen, Germany Click here