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H7240A/B-100 Digitizing Oscilloscope Fundamentals

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Audience: Technicians and Engineers new to the Keysight Infiniium product.

This class, presented by Keysight Technologies, gives the student an in-depth understanding of the operation and measurement techniques with an Infiniium Oscilloscope.

What you will Learn

  • Overview of the digital oscilloscope
  • How it works
  • Method of data acquisition
  • Features of the oscilloscope
  • How to do a set-up
  • How to use it


  • RF and Microwave Fundamentals


  • Digitizing Scopes Basics
    • Sampling techniques
    • Time domain vs. frequency domain
    • Aliasing
    • Data Acquisition System
    • Display modes
    • Functions
    • Probes
  • Hands-on
    • Front panel tour
    • Graphical Interface
  • Measurement Labs
    • Lab 1: Search for an intermittent glitch
    • Lab 2: Viewing and triggering on Anomalies
    • Lab 3: Finding the "Hidden" pulse stream
    • Lab 4: Identifying asynchronous digital cross-talk
    • Lab 5: Characterizing jitter with histograms
    • Lab 6: Pulse width compliance testing (Mask Test)
    • For complete course details, click on the Education Datasheet below.

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Digitizing Oscilloscope Fundamentals 

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