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ADS in 3D: Speed Your Design with Integrated 3D EM Simulation

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Why this presentation is important:

Are you using ADS and need full 3D EM simulation capability to analyze packaging, connectors, shielding, passive components and other 3D structures? Are you already using a standalone 3D EM simulator, but spending too much time exporting data and manually updating your designs in multiple environments? This webcast will demonstrate a full 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) simulator that is fully integrated with ADS. 3D EM simulations are run directly within ADS layout, and results are visualized in a new 3D viewer. Also, a new companion product, EMPro, will be demonstrated, showing how arbitrary 3D geometries can be created or imported from other tools, and then placed directly onto an ADS layout for full 3D EM simulation.

Who should attend:

ADS users, RF & microwave designers, Signal Integrity engineers, RFIC/MMIC designers, RF SiP / module designers

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