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Essentials of OFDM and MIMO

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OFDM has become the modulation scheme of choice for many current and next-generation systems because it delivers spectral efficiency, link flexibility and real-world robustness. MIMO techniques provide enhanced capacity that can also be traded for increased range or other system priorities. Together OFDM and MIMO can enable reliable and high-throughput multi-user links in hostile environment. For engineers designing and testing next-generation systems a working understanding of both is essential. This webcast explains the principles of both OFDM and MIMO with an intuitive approach, and describes how they operate so well together in demanding applications. MIMO is contrasted with other multi-antenna techniques such as diversity and space-time coding. Common measurements are discussed along with the practicalities of single-channel and multi-channel testing. The webcast covers both standards-based and custom OFDM analysis.


Engineers working on wireless communications systems, both aerospace/defense and commercial, whether the systems are custom or are based on published standards. This presentation will help design and test engineers understand the fundamentals of OFDM and MIMO technologies and measurements so that they can make wise choices in terms of software, hardware, and test approaches such as single- or multi-channel.


Ben Zarlingo, Application Specialist, Agilent Technologies
Ben Zarlingo is an Applications Specialist for Agilent Technologies’ signal analysis operation. He is primarily focused on signal analysis at RF through millimeter frequencies, including the characterization of wideband and digitally modulated signals and optimizing measurements for sensitivity and low noise.

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Essentials of OFDM and MIMO Webcast Slides 
Slides from the September 20, 2012 webcast

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