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Tech Tour 2011

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Tech Tour is a practical training and lecture Series for professional engineers in the RF, EMC and Wireless industries. Join us for Tech Tour in a city near you. Each event features sessions, led by industry experts. You'll experience practical techniques to take better measurements and improve efficiency. Each event offers you the opportunity to meet one-on-one to ask questions, see demonstrations, and enjoy refreshments. You will also take home a bound copy of the presentations to use as a handy reference guide.


Paper 1 — Martin Wiles, ETS-Lindgren, CISPR Standardisation: Basic and Product Standards
This presentation will provide an overview of CISPR activities and then cover the latest developments in the basic publication CISPR 16, the product standards CISPR 11,14,and 22 etc and discuss the joint work with IEC SC 77.

Paper 2 – Colville Crooks, Keysight Technologies, Introducing the New Keysight N9038 MXE Receiver
Advances in Signal Analyzer design have been leveraged to create a new EMI Receiver architecture, which remove some of the constraints on previous generation of receivers. The adoption of DSP in the IF has implemented a linear detection scheme as well as Digital RBW filters. This eliminates the Log Amplifier, always a source of measurement errors, and brings a new level of reproducibility to the filtering. As well as making conformance measurements, digital processing provides many diagnostics tools which help the EMC Engineer explore and correct the causes of test limit failures in the DUT.

Paper 3 – Tim Hague, Amplifier Research, Radiated Immunity Testing at Microwave: Breaking the 1 kV/m barrier.
It has always been thought that generating high RF fields at microwave frequencies presents a unique set of challenges. This presentation will present novel ideas and solutions enabling commercial test houses to meet requirements of their military and space sector customers.

Paper 4 – Vince Rodriguez, ETS-Lindgren, On Half-Power Beamwidth of Typical EMC Antennas
While MIL STD 461 and some SAE standards call for information on the half power beam width, most standards did not require any knowledge of the antenna radiation characteristics. With the evolution of standards measuring frequencies above1GHz, knowledge of the pattern has become more important. Since most antennas measuring above 1 GHz are very directive (unlike dipoles), pattern information has become very important, especially in regards to understanding how much area the main beam is covering. This paper starts by giving the reader a refresher on antenna pattern parameters and then shows typical patterns for the most common antennas used in EMC. The antennas covered are biconicals, log periodic dipole arrays, hybrid antennas and dual ridge horns. Measured data is presented.

Paper 5 – Kevin Partlow, Amplifier Research, Is Multi-Tone Testing The Future for Susceptibility Testing?
Anyone performing conducted or radiated susceptibility testing will at some point in time consider the options available for speeding up the test process. Whilst there are ways to achieve this (single wide band antennas, RF switching, and software automation) we believe the concept of Multi Tone testing could offer the most significant time savings of all.

Paper 6 – Garth D’Abreu, ETS-Lindgren, High E-Field Generation in Reverberation Chambers
The principle of operation and the parameters governing the design of a Reverb chamber are presented with emphasis on the design of a test chamber to support immunity testing to the high field strengths required in the RTCA DO 160 and MIL STD 461 standards.

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2011-11-08 Milton Keynes Register Now