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Take the Lead in 5G Wireless Technology

5G wireless communication, 5G mobile communication, 5G wireless technologyBeing first and best in 5G wireless communication depends on tools that let you explore new signals, scenarios and topologies. Keysight’s 5G solutions are ready to enable deeper insights as you, and we, evolve with the standard.

In design and test, our solutions help you innovate across new and existing technologies as you transform ideas into reality. The race is on and Keysight will help you take the lead—from evolution to revolution to reality.

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Documents & Downloads

Implementing a Flexible Testbed for 5G Waveform Generation and Analysis - Application Note 
This application describes a flexible 5G testbed that includes proven, off-the-shelf software and hardware; and also examines the challenges in design and test of 5G technology.

Application Note 2016-06-14

Defining a Channel-Sounding Measurement System for Characterization of 5G Air Interfaces 
This application note provided insight into defining a channel-sounding measurement system for characterization of 5G air interfaces through a variety of measurement methods.

Application Note 2015-10-05

Watch the Tutorial, "A Flexible Testbed for 5G Waveform Generation and Analysis" 
This webcast will discuss some of the candidate waveforms, and then introduce a new flexible testbed for 5G waveform generation and analysis. This testbed combines software solutions with test equipment to investigate and to perform “what-if” scenarios for new emerging 5G waveform applications. Co-existence scenarios between candidate 5G and 4G waveforms will be investigated. Wideband signal generation and analysis case studies will be shown at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies with modulation bandwidths up to 2 GHz.

Seminar Materials 2015-05-07

null MP4 11.23 MB
Exploring 5G Coexistence Scenarios Using a Flexible Hardware/Software Testbed - White Paper 
This WP presents three sets of case studies and describes a flexible testbed which focus on the coexistence of 5G with legacy wireless signals, 5G with satellite signals and LTE with radar signals.

Application Note 2016-11-10

Watch the Tutorial, “Coexistence in a 3G / 4G / Satellite World” 
This presentation will discuss a flexible testbed which can be used to evaluate many potential co-existence scenarios for 5G, wireless, and Radar applications. Several different scenarios will be examined.

Seminar Materials 2016-08-31

null MP4 92.10 MB
Unlocking Wideband 5G & mmWave Insights to 110 GHz - Webcast 
In this webcast, we’ll cover the latest cmWave and mmWave scenarios at 28 GHz, 73 GHz, and up to 110 GHz. We’ll present measurement challenges as a series of case studies and “testbed” configurations that can be easily adapted.

Seminar Materials 2016-11-02

null MP4 12.97 MB
Watch the Tutorial, "Millimeter Wave Active Component Characterization for 5G" 
This presentation will explore the tools that enable the performance verification of millimeter wave active devices and will address the challenges with making a single connection measurement for multiple measurements of transceiver modules designed for the 5G environment.

Training Materials 2016-02-16

null MP4 39.58 MB
Applying a Very Wide-Bandwidth Millimeter-Wave Testbed to Power Amplifier DPD - White Paper 
It explores a new wideband millimeter-wave testbed approach using digital technology and compact millimeter-wave converters to generate and analyze very wide-bandwidth millimeter-wave test signals.

Application Note 2016-11-22

Watch the Tutorial, “Error Vector Magnitude Measurements Fit For 5G” 
This presentation reviews what an EVM measurement is and what it can tell us about the device being measured.

Training Materials 2015-10-22

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5G Waveform Generation and Analysis Testbed, Reference Solution - Solution Brochure 
This solution brochure provides technical information about the Keysight 5G Waveform Generation and Analysis Testbed, Reference Solution

Brochure 2017-03-03

null PDF 4.32 MB
Examining the Challenges in Implementing and Testing Massive MIMO for 5G - Application Note 
Get a quick review of the MIMO process, noteworthy challenges in the implementation of MIMO, a summary of challenges & current solutions in the simulation, design, and testing of massive MIMO systems.

Application Note 2016-05-24

Testing 5G: Time to Throw Away the Cables - Article Reprint Microwave Journal 
This article describes the test challenges of 5G technology, and sets the scene for what lies ahead to test 5G at mmWave frequencies, almost all over the air (OTA) without cables.

Application Note 2016-11-30

null PDF 3.25 MB
What do Soccer & 5G have in common? Infographic 
As 5G traffic increases, available bandwidth becomes crowded. By using the higher mmWave spectrum, we can deliver faster, higher-quality video and multimedia content on demand.

Brochure 2017-03-29

null PDF 5.21 MB