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How do I program the 812xx in Labview with plug and play driver?

To start programming in Labview, it is necessary to install the PnP driver within Labview.

The installations procedure for Labview rev. 5 is explained in the C:\VXIPNP\WINNT\hp81200.hlp file.

For Labview rev. 6 please do see following instructions:

a) remove PnP for 81200 at following if they are available from former installations at folowing location:

/../labview6/instr.lib/hp81200/ all files.

b) go to:


select at


next step is, that this file will be converted to the correct VXIPNP driver.

c) Run the Labview program,

-by clicking on the right mousebutton, you need to perform RELINK TO SUBVI Than will the icon be highlighted

-At the second icon you need to double click it and change the PC name and save it

-At the System name you need to write in the correct clocksystem name

e.g. DSRA, or DEMO_A

-When you already had done a small programm, you can load with this Labview program the setting for the 81250.

-the file hp81200.dll can be found at the VXIPNP/WINNT - direcorty