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How do I port 35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzer screen images to the PC?

Using the HP-GL Plotter as Plot/Print Device, either plot the screen images using Plot/Print Destination as "Output to file" or use PrintCapture1 with Plot/Print Destination as "Output to Serial".

If you choose to plot the screen image to the floppy disk set the Default Disk as Floppy Disk by setting [Default disk][Internal Disk]. Make the Plot/Print Destination as "Output to file". The screen dump results in an HPGL formatted image file. This file can be inserted into various Microsoft desktop applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The file is inserted as picture provided the HPGL filter is available in your desktop application. If the HPGL filter is not installed, then you may obtain this filter from the Microsoft webpage. Search for "hpgl32.exe" on 

1 Keysight is not affiliated to F&F SoftTools which provides PrintCapture program. The PrintCapture program, provided by F&F SoftTools, allows for transfer of screen images to the PC over the Serial (RS-232) interface. For information about PrintCapture program and to download an evaluation copy, please visit