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Migration from the 34401A to the New 34461A Truevolt Digital Multimeter (DMM)

The 34461A DMM is the next-generation 34401A DMM. This new Truevolt DMM was designed by the same group as the 34401A DMM, with many of the same R&D engineers participating. With this continuity of experience and expertise, Keysight has made a DMM that is a virtual drop-in replacement for the 34401A while continuing to improve usability and measurement technology.

If you are looking to migrate from the 34401A to a 34461A DMM and want to fully understand all of the differences between the two models, the application note below will help you migrate from your 34401A to a 34461A DMM effortlessly.

View 34461A & 34401A DMM Comparison Guide (compatibility & differences)

Key Features & Model Comparison

  34461A Truevolt Digital Multimeter 34401A Digital Multimeter
Resolution 6½ digits 6½ digits
Input terminals Front and rear Front and rear
1-year DCV accuracy: ± (% of reading + % of range) 0.0035 + 0.0005 0.0035 + 0.0005
Measurement speed @ 4½ digits 1000 readings/s  1000 readings/s
Reading memory 10,000 readings, front panel USB 512 readings


100 mV – 1000 V


100 µA – 3 A, 10 A

10 mA – 3 A

  2- and 4-wire resistance

100 Ω - 100 MΩ

  Continuity, diode

Yes, 5 V

Yes, 1V

  Frequency, period

3 Hz – 300 kHz


RTD/PT100, Thermistor


Documents & Downloads

Compatibility and Differences: 34461A and 34401A Digital Multimeters - Application Note 
This application note discusses the compatibility and differences between the Keysight 34461A and 34401A Digital Multimeters.

Application Note 2013-06-20

New Truevolt Digital Multimeter Offers 100 Percent Drop-in 34401A Replacement Compatibility - Demo 
Keysight senior test engineer Jim Walters shows a small example of a program written for the 34401A running on Keysight's 34461A.

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Moving from the 34401A to the Truevolt Digital Multimeters 34460A & 34461A - Demo 
Users will find a lot of the 34401A features more easily with the large display on the Truevolt multimeters.

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6½ and 7½ Digit Truevolt Series Digital Multimeters - Data Sheet 
Descriptions and technical specifications for the Truevolt Series 6½ and 7½ digit digital multimeters.

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34461A and 34460A Truevolt DMM Interactive On-Line Demo 
Take an interactive demo tour of Keysight’s new Truevolt DMMs. See the new graphical user interface, display and measurement capabilities.

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Truevolt Series Digital Multimeters -Product Fact Sheet  
2-page overview of Truevolt Series digital multimeters (34460A, 34461A, 34465A, 34470A).

Promotional Materials 2013-06-04

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Digital Multimeter (DMM) Connectivity Utility Software 
Easily control, capture and view the Keysight digital multimeters on your bench with a single click. This is a free download, and replaces Keysight IntuiLink connectivity software for digital multimeters.
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No Programming Required: Digitizing Signals and Analyzing Data with a DMM - Application Note 
This measurement brief explains how the new Keysight DMM app can help you digitize your signals and understand your data faster. In a couple of clicks, it can graph your measurements.

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No Programming Required: Multisignal Capture and Analysis DMMs - Application Note 
This measurement brief describes how to use a DMM to make multisignal captures and analysis without programming.

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Viewing Graphical Results on a DMM Display - Application Note 
The 34461A offers a way to get insight into your measurement data without transferring your data to a PC.

Application Note 2013-03-30

34461A and 34460A Truevolt Series Digital Multimeter Standard Shipped Components 
List of standard components shipped with 34460A and 34461A Truevolt Series digital multimeters.

Reference Guide 2013-04-16