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Three-Year Warranty - Standard

You’ve come to expect the highest quality from Keysight. Now, we stand behind our products with a “bumper to bumper” three-year warranty that’s standard on all of our electronic test instruments worldwide.* (Note: In Japan, we continue to provide a five-year warranty, as we have done for many years.) The change from one year to three years is the result of ongoing quality initiatives that, between 2002 and 2012, yielded unprecedented improvements in product reliability. This combination of reliability and coverage brings you three key benefits: increased confidence in instrument uptime, reduced cost of ownership and greater convenience if service is ever required. It’s just one more way our solutions help you achieve your business goals. When you choose Keysight, you get greater reliability—standard.

Support your business goals with reliability backed by a standard three-year warranty

On the production line and in other critical operations, you can count on increased confidence in instrument uptime. In addition, you’ll see a lower total cost of ownership and fewer budgetary surprises. Finally, you’ll experience greater convenience in the unlikely event repair service is ever needed.

Here’s what the standard warranty includes

  • All parts and labor necessary to return the instrument to full specified performance
  • All work is performed by trained technicians with access to factory engineers
  • Fast fault detection and resolution supported by automated diagnostic tools
  • Repairs are performed with factory replacement parts
  • Service includes implementation of relevant service notes and firmware updates
  • Post-repair processes include a full calibration, including data and certificates in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Japan. In Asia we validate every repair, but a full calibration is only available in selected local service locations.
  • Keysight pays for return shipment

Ensure instruments operate at original specifications with Keysight Assurance Plans

  • Lowest price at time of instrument purchase
  • Priority service and greater convenience
  • Keysight-quality service at more than 50 locations around the world

*Accessories, software, systems and custom products are not included in the standard three-year warranty

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Standard Three Year Warranty - Flyer 
Keysight's new three-year warranty on all instruments is one more way we help you achieve your goals. Our mix of reliability and coverage delivers three key benefits: increased confidence in uptime, reduced cost of ownership, and greater convenience.

Brochure 2014-09-09

null PDF 119 KB
Warranty and Calibration Assurance Plan - Flyer 
The Keysight Assurance Plans include the Warranty Assurance Plan and the Calibration Assurance Plan. These plans are sold at point of instrument sale for the lowest price

Brochure 2015-09-28

null PDF 209 KB