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89600 VSA Software: Latest Enhancements

The 89600 VSA software version 21.20 provides the following new enhancements. Update your software or download a free trial today.

  • Windows 10 OS support
  • Hardware connectivity with UXA N9040B with option H1G, PXA N9030B with B5X/B2X, VXT M9421A
  • 5G candidate (FBMC, NOMA, SCMA) on Custom OFDM (Option BHF)
  • 5G candidate (MUST for DL, SCMA for UL) on LTE-Advanced FDD (Option BHG)
  • BER, MER vs minislot on DOCSIS 3.1 Upstream
  • Multicarrier filter in DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream


















FBMC modulation analysis with Custom OFDM (Option BHF)