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89600 VSA Software: Latest Enhancements

New enhancements coming soon in 89600 VSA software version 22.20, including:

  • New pre-5G modulation analysis (option BHN) for measuring Verizon 5GTF standard signals
  • New USB portable license, now available to conveniently enable software on different PCs and instruments. Available under 89601BK with all standard VSA options; requires additional USB port hardware key.

VSA 22.0 (currently shipping) has the following enhancements. Update your software or download a free trial today.

  • New option BHX for WLAN 802.11ax modulation analysis
  • Hardware connectivity with UXA N9041B, Wideband Transceiver E7760A, AXIe 10-bit digitizer M9710A, PXIe oscilloscope M9242A, InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series, and FieldFox handheld analyzers














Documents & Downloads

89600 VSA Software - Configuration Guide 
This 89600 VSA software configuration guide will help you configure your new or existing 89600 VSA with the measurement options, licenses, and update service subscriptions you need.

Configuration Guide 2017-06-07