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89600 VSA Software: Latest Enhancements

The 89600 VSA software version 19.50 adds new optional capabilities for DOCSIS 3.1 downstream modulation analysis

  • Option BHM provides capabilities such as decoding of physical-layer link channel (PLC) information in addition to measurements of modulation error ratio (MER) and bit error rate (BER)
  • More DOCSIS 3.1 analysis related features available with 89600 VSA software
  • Option BHF custom OFDM for DOCSIS 3.1 downstream and upstream static MER measurements
  • Hardware connectivity for DOCSIS 3.1 wideband signals with the N9040B UXA X-Series signal analyzer and the U5303A PCIe 12-bit high-speed digitizer













N9040B UXA Signal Analyzer with 89601B-BHM DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream Modulation Analysis