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89600 VSA Software: Latest Enhancements

The 89600 VSA software version 20.00 provides the following new enhancements

  • New hardware connectivity with M9290A CXA-m signal analyzer, Infiniium V-Series oscilloscopes, and InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscopes
  • Additional modulation analysis of triangular FM and Barker code in pulses with auto-detection; and shared detected pulse descriptor words (PDW) with Keysight's N5193A UXG signal generator (Option BHQ)
  • Support of 256QAM modulation analysis with LTE downlink PDSCH including additional E-TM profiles for 3GPP release 12 (Option BHG/BHH)
  • Enables virtual cell ID configuration with LTE uplink for 3GPP release 11 (Option BHG/BHH)
  • New demodulation results summary with DOCSIS 3.1 downstream signal analysis (Option BHM)