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How can I get the N1918A software to find and connect to a power meter located on a LAN connection?

To allow the N1918A (Power Panel or Power Analyzer) to find the LAN connection you must first establish this connection using Agilent Connection Expert. Be sure that the Agilent IO Libraries in installed on your computer.
1. Do not start the N1918A software. Instead start the Agilent Connection Expert. Then click Add Instrument

2. Click Add Address

3. Then Enter Instrument Address using either its IP address or use the Power Meter’s Hostname. For the Optional Connection Information use the Default instrument. You cannot use the Socket class with the N1918A.
4. Then press the Test Connection to ensure that you have established the connection.
5. Then use the Indentify Instrument with the *IDN query. You should get back the power meter’s model number and other information.
6. If all of this information is correct then click OK at the bottom right corner of the screen.

7. You should now see this instrument on the Agilent Connection Expert screen.

8. Now start the N1918A software (either Power Panel or Power Analyzer.) It should now auto-find this power meter on the LAN. The N1918A uses the Connection Expert to establish communications with the power meters and sensors. Note that the Power Panel software below is communicating with the N1912A and making measurements over the LAN connection.

9. Once the N1918A software is running you can always Disconnect and Connect to the power meter over the LAN if you wish.