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X-Series Signal Analyzer and Measurement Application Enhancements

X-Series Signal Analyzers

Best-in-class sensitivity on MXA

  • Supports Noise Floor Extension (Option NFE)
  •  Improves instrument DANL up to 9 dB
  • Offers license-key only upgrade for all vintages of MXA; use external USB smart preamps (U7227A/U7227C/U7227F) for further DANL improvement

Highest long-term frequency stability on PXA, MXA, and EXA

  • Supports external atomic frequency reference accessory (AFR: J7203A)
  • Improves long-term frequency stability and accuracy by 100X

Higher-frequency coverage on MXA

  • Delivers new external mixing Option EXM
  • Covers up to 110 GHz with Keysight smart mixers and 1.1 THz with VDI’s frequency extender

Fastest-in-class power measurements on PXA, MXA, and EXA

  • Offers fast power Option FP2; requires Option B40
  • Enables hardware-accelerated, fast power measurement capability
  • Drives 4X faster power measurements, such as channel power, adjacent channel power, and occupied bandwidth

X-Series Measurement Applications

New LTE-Advanced FDD and TDD measurement applications

  • Offers FDD and TDD uplink and downlink analysis per 3GPP Release 10/11
  • Makes transmitter measurements of up to 5 contiguous/non-contiguous component carriers
  • Provides clustered SC-FDMA and simultaneous PUCCH/PUSCH uplink analysis

More 802.11ac capabilities for WLAN measurement application

  • Makes multi-burst capture and averaging for modulation analysis to increase EVM measurement speed up to 30%
  • Provides unique IQ impairments per subcarrier features

Expanded functionality for analog demodulation measurement application

  • Supports analog demodulation bandwidth to 160 MHz
  • Enables smooth migration from legacy HP890x modulation analyzers to X-Series signal analyzer
  • Adds new Attack/Release view to display RF carrier power and post-demod FM waveform versus time
  • Offers most complete set of post-demod filters

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