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LTE/LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD Signal Studio and Test Case Manager Software Enhancements

Enhancements to the LTE/LTE-Advanced Signal Studio Software

N7624B and N7625B supports 3GPP LTE (Rel 9) and LTE-Advanced (Rel10/11/12) standards, enabling test of UE and eNB receivers with fully coded waveforms.

Rel-10/11 features

  • CoMP: virtual cell ID, TM10, PDCCH format 2D
  • eICIC: ABS (Normal and MBSFN)
  • TDD Special Subframe Configuration 9 (normal CP) and 7 (extended CP)
  • Enhanced Beam Forming Support
    - CRS Mapping Configuration
    - Beam Steering in Degrees
  • PUCCH Wizard Update
    - Improved PUCCH format 1b channel selection
    -8.3.9 PUCCH/CQI test

Rel-12 features

  • 256QAM for PDSCH and PMCH
  • E-TM2a, 3.1a
  • UE Category 0

Rel-9/10/11 features

  • TDD E-TM Wizard Update
  • TS37.141 Annex E.0 BC3 CS3 Test Models

ARB based multi-UE simulation (new option)

Auto carrier aggregation configuration

  • Auto offset frequency
  • Auto Cell ID
  • Manual UL/DL Configuration per CC

PSD based power setting (Option MEU)

Peak slot/position indication

N7649B test case manager updates

  • LTE Rel-10 and 11 Test Cases
  • TS36.104 requirements for clause 7
  • W-CDMA/HSPA+ clause 8 test cases (Rel-11)
  • Interferer configuration for clause 6 transmitter test cases (LTE, W-CDMA)

LTE/LTE-Advanced Signal Studio products