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LTE/LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD Signal Studio and Test Case Manager Software Enhancements

Enhancements to the LTE/LTE-Advanced Signal Studio Software

N7624B and N7625B are compliant to the 3GPP Release 10 standard, enabling test of UE and eNB receivers with fully coded waveforms.

Real-time Uplink MIMO support for full coverage of 3GPP R10 eNB conformance test:

  • Uplink 2x2 MIMO with HARQ
  • FRC Wizard to support R10 definitions

Addition of LTE TDD features defined in R9:

  • TDD PUCCH Format 2 for UL/DL Config 1
  • TDD SRS for UL/DL Config 1

New troubleshooting tools provide greater insight to "closed loop" operation:

  • HARQ ACK/NACK & TA counters provide statistical information on closed loop operation and check operations by comparing the data count on the eNB side
  • Throughput graph monitors “system health”
  • AUX IO monitor shows raw data streams before they're interpreted as "HARQ" or "TA" commands and can be used to debug when eNB and PXB/signal generator show different data

Envelope tracking PA and power supply test features:

  • Add Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) to an IQ Waveform
  • Import custom waveform files
  • Support the 3362xA AWG

LTE-Advanced FDD and TDD features:

  • Uplink 4x4 MIMO with UL TM2
  • DCI updates to support R10
  • Shorter waveform generation

Enhancements to Test Case Manager (TCM) Software

With new enhancements to support Chapter 8 LTE eNB performance testing, the TCM software, working with corresponding hardware, can fully support 3GPP TS36.141 chapter 7 and chapter 8 configurations.

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