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Foundry Partners - Wolfspeed, A Cree Company

Wolfspeed, A Cree CompanyCree Overview Video on YouTube  — In this video, Jeremy Fisher, Manager of the MMIC Design and Test Group at Cree, describes what Cree provides for mutual customers of Keysight EEsof EDA and Cree.

GaN MMIC Foundry Services

CREE Process Design Kits
Process Name ADS 2009 PDK ADS 2011 PDK
G28V3 Yes Yes
G28V4 Yes Yes
G40V4 Yes Yes
G50V3 Yes Yes

GaN-based HEMTs

Broadband performance - Enables high power, multi-octave bandwidth amplifiers

Cree’s GaN HEMT MMIC processes are available for MMIC development using full-wafer service (FWS) or a shared multi-project MASK SET (SM) fabrication service. The process features high-power density (4 Watts/mm) transistors, slot vias, high reliability up to 225ºC operating junction temperatures, and scalable unit cells (1 to 8mm/Cell). The value of such MMICs is more power bandwidth and higher efficiency within a smaller footprint compared to other MMIC technologies.

Using Simulation to Optimize the Performance of your Cree PartsFree ADS Workspace Download

Using Simulation to Optimize the Performance of your Cree Parts

To help designers get the most out of Cree devices, Keysight Technologies has developed a free, downloadable ADS workspace with an instructional Application Note (publication number 5991-4154EN). Several load-pull and DC I-V simulations are included to help you determine ways to optimize and characterize your Cree part.

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