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[VBA Sample Program] ENA Amplifier Measurement Wizard VBA


This sample program assists setting measurement conditions for Amplifier tests.

Revision Number

Rev.01.01 (for E5072A)
Rev.01.41 (for E5071C)
Rev.01.11 (for E5070B/71B)

Supported functions

  • S-parameter and K-factor Measurements
  • Harmonics Measurements (ENA Opt 008 FOM is required)
    • E5072A version supports the measurement with low pass filter to avoid the harmonics from E5072A's source power.
  • Gain Compression Measurement (CW / Swept)
    • E5072A version can measure the PxdB (x= arbitrary number). For other model, P1dB only.
    • E5072A version can measure absolute output power measurement result.
    • E5072A version can select the reference value (Max gain or Input power level)
  • Calibration Assistant (Power cal, Receiver cal, 2-port cal, Enhanced response cal, Thru cal)
    • Enhanced response cal and thru cal are supported by E5072A version only.
  • Receiver Leveling Setting (E5072A only)
  • Fixture Simulator Setting
    • E5072A version supports port Z conversion, port extension, embedding, and de-embedding functions.
    • E5071C and E5071B/70B version support de-embedding function only.
  • Configurable test set and other useful functions are supported. (E5072A only)
    • Power offset
    • Uncoupled power function
 VBA Image (E5072A) VBA Image (E5070B/E5071B/E5071C)
  ENA Amplifier Wizard 1
ENA Amplifier Wizard 2
ENA Amplifier Wizard 3

Documents & Downloads 

Programming Example 2014-11-05

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User Manual 2014-11-05

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Reference Guide 2012-05-25

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Programming Example 2014-11-05

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User Manual 2014-11-05

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Programming Example 2009-02-25

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User Manual 2010-04-21

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