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How do I upgrade the E4406A VSA Series Base Band I/Q Inputs Option B7C?

Description of Option:
The baseband I/Q inputs option supports digital demodulation measurements for the EDGE, cdma2000, W-CDMA and basic measurement personalities on the E4406A. The option also supports both unbalanced 50 ohms and 1 megaohms, and balanced 600 ohms and 1 megaohms inputs. Each I and Q input has a frequency range of 5 Hz to 5 MHz, giving a combined composite bandwidth of 10 MHz. With baseband IQ inputs the E4406A provides an economical low frequency (5 Hz to 5 MHz) or 10 MHz I/Q front-end for the 89601A vector signal analysis software.

How to Order:
E4406AU Option B7C

Installation Note or Procedure:
The Installation Note can be found at the following link:

License Key (Required, Not Required):
Not Required. The instrument will automatically detect the presence of this option.

Minimum Firmware Requirements:
Firmware version A.05.30 and later is required, but the latest firmware version is recommended. See Documents and Downloads.

Performance Verification / Adjustments:
A pre-tested Base Band I/Q assembly is included in the E4406AU Option B7C kit. The service center will need to install this option and run some functional tests included in the Installation Note. There are no service center performance tests for this option and there are no internal adjustments.

Additional Requirements:

Option Incompatibilities:

Upgrade Installed by:
Service Center or knowledgable customer capable of running functional tests. Keysight Service Centers will quote for Labor.

Upgrade Installation Time:
45 minutes installation, 30 minutes functional testing.

Other Considerations/Dependancies Related to this Upgrade:

Documents & Downloads

E4406A VSA Series Transmitter Tester Baseband I/Q (Option B7C) Upgrade Kit Kit Part Number E4406... 
E4406A VSA Series Transmitter Tester Baseband I/Q (Option B7C) Upgrade Kit Kit Part Number E4406-60168 Installation Note

Installation Manual 2001-11-14

E4406A VSA Transmitter Tester Firmware 
Free firmware update for E4406A VSA Series Transmitter Tester.
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