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X-Series Upgrade Documentation

Yes, there is a delay between measurements.

  • There is the time necessary to make the measurement.
  • After each measurement, there is an additional measurement made for internal autozero.
  • The front-panel display can require between 10's of milliseconds and 100's of milliseconds to update after each reading.
  • There is also a delay while the multimeter transfers data over the remote interface to your PC, even when using buffering.

Therefore, the total time between the start of one measuremnent and the next can be more than twice the time required for the measurement itself.

Consider the following suggestions to minimize this delay time:

  • When autozero is enabled (default), the multimeter internally disconnects the input signal following each measurement, and takes a zero reading. It then subtracts the zero reading from the preceding reading. To maximize your reading speed, turn autozero off.
  • You can also turn off the front-panel display to increase your reading speed.
  • Communications over the IB (IEEE-488) interface are much faster than over the RS-232 (serial) interface.

For configuring fast readings, see: 34401A: A-to-D Sample Rate