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IBM Semiconductor Solutions

IBM Overview Video on YouTube  — Myra Boenke, Manager of IBM Specialty Foundry Technical Solutions department, describes what IBM provides for mutual customers of Keysight EEsof EDA and IBM.

Associated enablement and IBM foundry services provide end–to–end solutions for the consumer electronics, networking, automotive, wireless communications, power management, media and entertainment, and aerospace and defense markets. IBM's offerings include bulk complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS), low–power CMOS, RF CMOS, silicon-germanium (SiGe), high voltage, and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technologies.

NEW ADS front-to-back PDK for IBM's CSOI7RF technology now available!!

The ADS PDK support matrix is given below:

IBM Process Design Kits
Process Name ADS front-end PDKs ADS front-to-back PDKs
CSOI7RF  Yes  Yes
CMRF7SF  Yes  
BiCMOS8HP  Yes  Yes
BiCMOS5PAe  Yes  
BiCMOS8XP  Yes  Yes

The kits work seamlessly with ADS 2011.01 and above releases of ADS. Also, BiCMOS8HP and BiCMOS8XP ADS PDKs contain basic ADS DRC rules.

In addition to the various ADS PDKs, IBM also supports for all their Cadence Virtuoso PDKs:

Please also see the IBM Specialty Foundry Selection Guide .

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