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Incorporating TCM Customizations into the Operator Interface of the Medalist i3070 ICT

In software releases prior to 7.00, many users have customized the Operator Interface Program, better known as TCM. While it is possible to run in "TCM mode" and still use the TCM program as the operator interface, many users may want to take advantage of the new Operator Interface GUI and its many new features and keep their TCM customizations at the same time. This is easy to do as described below.

When using the new 7.xx Operator Interface, many of the TCM functions are executed when the operator activates the "Load" and "Unload" buttons. See below:

Incorporating TCM Customizations

These buttons are associated with two BT-Basic files named “load” and “unload”. These files are located in the directory “C:\Agilent_ICT\lib\sys.Operator”. After making backup copies of the original files, these BT-Basic programs can be modified to perform most of your TCM customizations. In fact, many times parts of your customized TCM code can be cut and pasted directly into the appropriate spots in the new scripts.

So now users can use the old TCM operator interface, or the new i3070 Operator GUI and keep the operator interface customizations that you have become used to.