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Does the HDMI logo on the U8101A Display Tester indicate that the product has been certified by the HDMI Authorized Testing Centers (ATC)?

In general, anything that has the HDMI logo is certified by the HDMI Authorized Testing Centers (ATC). However, the U8101A Display Tester bears the HDMI logo because it is characterized and tested internally using the same test equipment as the HDMI Authorized Testing Centers (ATC).

The testing is done internally because the U8101A is a non-standard HDMI device which does not have any specific testing procedures outlined in the HDMI Compliance Test Specification. The HDMI Compliance Test Specification only recommends equipment to be used for such tests.

Following the HDMI Compliance Test Specification's recommendation, the U8101A Display Tester is tested using the DSO80000B Series High Performance Oscilloscope (13 GHz), N1080A HDMI Test Point Access Adapters and the N5380A 12 GHz differential SMA adapter. Attached is the excerpt of the test report on the U8101A Display Tester. HDMI Test Report