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Keysight EEsof EDAThank you for your interest in Keysight EEsof EDA software, the leading supplier for high-frequency and high-speed system, circuit, and modeling applications.

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Keysight software is downloadable expertise. From first simulation through first customer shipment, we deliver the tools your team needs to accelerate from data to information to actionable insight. DOWNLOAD YOUR NEXT INSIGHT

Product Description Apply for a Free Trial Download Software
Advanced Design System (ADS) offers complete design integration for products such as cellular and portable phones, wireless networks, and radar and satellite communications systems. ADS Evaluation License Request ADS Downloads
Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is the industry’s first 3D EM platform that completely integrates 3D EM simulation and the ADS design environment. The new and modern architecture offers unparalleled intuitiveness and removes the expense and overhead of maintaining disconnected tools. EMPro Evaluation License Request EMPro Downloads
SystemVue software for electronic system-level (ESL) design enables system architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of next-generation wireless and aerospace/defense communications systems. SystemVue Evaluation License Request SystemVue Downloads
Genesys provides self-supporting RF Board engineers affordable, practical design tools for RF component design to complete transceiver design including multi-element antenna arrays. Genesys Evaluation License Request Genesys Downloads
GoldenGate is an advanced simulation and analysis solution for integrated mixed signal RFIC designs. GoldenGate software is fully integrated into the Cadence Analog Design Environment (ADE). GoldenGate Evaluation License Request GoldenGate Downloads
Integrated Circuit Characterization & Analysis Program (IC-CAP) is a complete device modeling solution for semiconductor modeling processes. IC-CAP Evaluation License Request IC-CAP Downloads
Model Builder Program (MBP) is a one-stop solution that provides both automation and flexibility for silicon device modeling.  MBP Evaluation License Request MBP Downloads
Model Quality Assurance (MQA) provides the complete solution and framework to fabless design companies, IDMs, and foundries for SPICE model library validation, comparison, and documentation. MQA Evaluation License Request MQA Downloads

WaferPro Express is a wafer-level measurement and programming test software for use with a variety of instruments and wafer probes.

WaferPro Express Evaluation License Request WaferPro Express Downloads
Keysight’s High Speed Digital solution includes EDA design and simulation tools that will help you cut through the challenges of gigabit digital designs. Our tools provide views into the time and frequency domains, revealing the underlying problems and ensuring compliant designs. See ADS  See ADS

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