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8960 in Wireless Device Design News article archive

Real world inside

Welcome to the 8960 in Wireless Device Design News articles archive - your link to all the technical articles presented in previous issues of our eNewsletter series. This newsletter is designed to provide you a direct link to mobile phone applications test content - 8960 application information to help you test mobile phones under "real world" usage scenarios.

Previous Issues

Series 2

Issue 6 Position Location Technologies in Cellular Networks

Issue 5 Six Steps to Better Performance of HSPA Mobile Phones

Issue 4 Improve time-to-market by stress-testing mobile phones

Issue 3 Extend the life of the battery in your mobile device

Issue 2 HSPA/UMTS Mobile Phone Data Applications Test: Configuring the Phone

Issue 1 GAN Mobile Phones: What Needs To Be Tested?

Series 1

Issue 6 HSDPA RF Measurements for Designers

Issue 5 Advancing 3G with CDMA 2000 1xEV-DO Rev A

Issue 4 A Cost-Effective Way to Validate 3G Mobile Handovers

Issue 3 Improving Data Throughput in High Speed Mobile Phones

Issue 2 Testing Hybrid-mode Mobile Device

Issue 1 Testing Push-to-talk Over Cellular To Ensure a Robust Service