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Why doesn't the Signal Studio N76xxB software recognize my N76xxA license?

All N76xxB Signal Studio products should recognize the licenses of their equivalent N76xxA products. For example, if you have N7600A software licensed to your signal generator, you can upgrade to an equivalent version of the N7600B by simply downloading and installing the software. For this to work, however, your signal generator must have played at least one waveform created in the N76xxA software. This is due to different licensing mechanisms between Signal Studio A and B software.

To solve this problem, perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that your signal generator meets the firmware requirements for the N76xxB Signal Studio software you want to use. Note: If you do not know the signal generator firmware revision requirement for the N76xxB, download the latest firmware revision for your signal generator: Upgrade assistant
  2. If your N76xxA software is installed on your PC and the license is installed in the signal generator, use the software to generate, download and playback a waveform on the signal generator. You should now be able to install and use the N76xxB software. Otherwise, continue with the following steps.
  3. Install the N76xxA software on your PC. Note: To download discontinued versions of Signal Studio, use the link at the end of this paragraph and follow these steps. At the bottom of the page, click Discontinued Signal Generator Products [Discontinued]. Then click Discontinued N76xx Signal Studio Products [Discontinued]. Select the model you want and you will be directed to the product page where you can click the Technical Support tab to download and install the discontinued software. Signal generators
  4. Install the N76xxA license to the signal generator. Refer to the instructions on your Software Entitlement Certificate or the Signal Studio help system. Note: Depending on the model of your N76xxA, the license can be installed by one of the following methods: a) Entering the license key using the front panel keys of the signal generator. b) Using Keysight License Manager. c) Copying the license file to the Drop folder: C:\Program Files\Keysight\Signal Generation License Files\Drop.
  5. Open the N76xxA software.
  6. Generate, download, and play a waveform in the signal generator.
  7. Install the N76xxB software and reboot your PC. Note: Reboot your PC each time the Signal Studio software is uninstalled or reinstalled.
  8. Open the N76xxB software. The application should recognize the previous use of N76xxA software and should work fine.