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How do I transfer waveforms, screen images, and measurements from my InfiniiVision oscilloscope to a PC using IntuiLink Data Capture?

Keysight’s free IntuiLink Data Capture software provides an easy way to transfer deep-memory waveform data, screen images, and measurements from your oscilloscope to your PC via the USB, LAN, or GPIB interface. Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Install the latest version of Keysight IO Libraries Suite
  2. Install the latest version of IntuiLink Data Capture
  3. Connect the scope to the USB, LAN, or GPIB interface
  4. On the scope, press Utility | I/O | Control and ensure that the USB, LAN, or GPIB interface you wish to use is selected
  5. Launch Agilent Connection Expert (right-click the IO icon in your system tray or look in Start | All Programs | Keysight IO Libraries Suite)
  6. Within Keysight Connection Expert, confirm that your scope is listed under the interface you are using and that it has a green check mark next to it. Connection Expert should automatically add instruments connected by USB, whereas you will need to manually add LAN or GPIB connections via the Add Instrument button.
  7. Launch IntuiLink Data Capture (under Start | All Programs | Keysight IntuiLink | Data Capture)
  8. Within IntuiLink Data Capture, click Instrument and then the series of the scope you are connecting to; e.g. Keysight 7000 Series
  9. In the Keysight 5/6/7000 Series Add-In window, click the Set I/O tab and then Find Instrument. You will then be able to select from a list of all compatible scopes configured in Agilent Connection Expert. Select the scope in the left pane, click Identify Instrument(s) to confirm it is a compatible model, and then click OK.
  10. Still in the same window, you will see a Get Waveform Data tab that allows you to specify whether you want a screen image, waveform data, or both (click OK to initiate the transfer). Under the Save/Recall tab, you can save or recall a setup and trace to a pair of files on your hard drive. Under the Measurement tab, you can select and initiate any combination of the scope’s automatic measurements.
  11. To download additional waveform data or screen shots, simply click the “Get Data” button in the IntuiLink Data Capture main window (it’s the second button from the right in the toolbar at the top). IntuiLink will use the settings you specified in step 10 whenever you click this button.