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Can I use APC connectors with the optical power sensor modules?

Yes, you can use the Agilent Technologies optical power sensors with both straight (PC) and angled (APC) fiber at the input. Also, mushroom-type connectors can be used with all new sensor modules.

The 81632x and 81635x modules have straight fiber on their input and power on fibers with a core size of 62.5 micron (NA < 0.24) can be measured.
The 81633x and 81634x modules have a recessed lens on the input. The light goes through free air, to the focussing lens, then via fiber to the detector. Fibers with a core size of 100 micron (NA < 0.3) can be measured.

Please note that the optical power sensors need a connector interface if you want to plug your fiber into the sensor. Agilent Technologies offers the following connector interfaces for the 8163x power sensor modules:
81000AI - Diamond HMS-10
81000FI - FC/PC/SPC
81000GI - D4
81000HI - E-2000
81000JI - SMA
81000KI - SC/PC/APC
81000NI - FC/APC, fits both type N and type R keying
81000SI - DIN 47256/4108.6
81000VI - ST
81002LI - LC
Agilent Technologies also offers bare fiber adapters to use with the power sensors. However, the optical heads will be the preferred choice for making optical power measurements on bare fiber. If using bare fibers with sensor modules, 81633B and 81634B are strongly recommended due to the recessed input lens. Ensure that the fiber is well aligned with the connector to avoid any damage of the lens.