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How do I activate my 89601ASN Software Update Service subscription?

89601ASN Software Update Service

The software update service entitles you to receive new versions of software when they are released.  You must activate your subscription so that Agilent can ship the updates.

The activation information form requires the following information:

  • Agilent Order Number
    - This is used to confirm your Update Service ID.
    - The order number is listed on the Activation Form.
  • Update Service ID
    - The Update Service ID is your unique identifier.
    - The update service ID is listed on the Activation Form.
    Sample 89601ASN Activation Form
  • Check if updating information
    - Check this box when changing the contact information for an update service that has previously been activated.
    - You may change the contact information as often as you like. Updates will be shipped to the last contact on record.
  • Contact information
    - Providing company name, end user name, email, and mailing address allows Agilent ship the software updates to you as they become available.
    - Agilent is not able to ship to a PO Box.

NOTE: If you are activating a subscription that you want to be used to extend a current subscription, please enter the new Update Service ID into the field on the form, but then also add the following statement in the comment section: "Use this subscription to extend Update Service ID 12345AB678", where 12345AB678 is the currently active update service certificate number.

Activate Software Update Service