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How do I upgrade the E4406A VSA Series cdma2000® Measurement Personality (Option B78) and 1xEV-DV add-on (Option 214)?

Description of Option:
The cdma2000 measurement personality offers one-button power measurements and modulation analysis to help you quickly and easily test your cdma2000® base station and mobile handset equipment.


  • Channel Power
  • Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR)
  • Intermodulation Distortion
  • Spectrum Emission Mask
  • Occupied Bandwidth
  • Code Domain Power
  • Modualtion Accuracy (Composite Rho)
  • QPSK Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)
  • Power Statistics (CCDF)

How to Order:
cdma2000: E4406AU Option B78
1xEV-DV add-on: E4406AU Option 214

Installation Note or Procedure:
The firmware and measurement personalities can be upgraded via a LAN cable connected to your local area network or stand-alone hub, or they can be upgrade using a crossover cable directly connected to your PC. The Upgrade Kit containing a CD-ROM, crossover cable and Install Note can be obtained by ordering E4406AU Option UE2. The upgrade can also be downloaded for FREE from the web link below. This link also contains the Firmware and Measurement Personality installation program, instructions and troubleshooting guide.

License Key (Required, Not Required)
Required. When ordering upgrade options, you no longer need to supply the instrument's Host ID and Serial number. You will supply the model number, upgrade option and quantity. An entitlement certificate will be sent and can also be directly e-mail from Keysight. The entitlement certificate can then be redeemed via the Keysight website for the license keys for the upgrade options. When redeeming the entitlement certificate, you will at that time supply the serial numbers and host IDs of the instruments for which you are obtaining license keys.

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How do I upgrade the E4406A VSA Series Firmware and Measurement Personalities? 
The E4406A firmware and measurement personalites can be upgraded via the LAN or crossover cable. (Click on this FAQ for more information)

FAQ 2012-05-28