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Foundry Partners - RF Micro Devices

RFMD Overview Video on YouTube  — Gordon Cook, Director of Business Development at RFMD, describes what RFMD provides for mutual customers of Keysight EEsof EDA and RFMD.RF Micro Devices (RFMD)

RFMD uses state-of-the-art process technologies, world class scale and global customer support to deliver each client’s unique vision. Their success is driven in part by the tools they have in place to make their customers successful; RFMD’s Foundry customers can improve their design efficiencies and reduce time-to-market for their end products through use of Keysight process design kits (PDK’s). RFMD's broad manufacturing resources enable them to deliver foundry services optimized to best meet their customers’ requirements for performance, cost, and time-to-market by leveraging with great partners.

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ADS Front-to-back PDK’s available for immediate use:

  • GaN1 – High Power GaN
  • GaN2 – High Linearity GaN
  • FD25 - GaAs Low Noise pHEMT
  • FD30 - GaAs High Power pHEMT
  • FET1H – Switching pHEMT
  • FET2 – E/D pHEMT
  • HBT8 - rugged InGaP

ADS Front-to-back PDK’s soon to be made available:

  • rGaN-HV – High Voltage
  • IPC3 – Integrated Passive components for high power

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