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Infiniium Oscilloscope Software

This software is designed to run only on the Keysight Infiniium 9000 Series, S-Series, 90000A Series, 90000 X-Series, V-Series, 90000 Q-Series, and Z-Series oscilloscope acquisition system.

Latest Infiniium Software

Infiniium Resources

  • If prompted to install the latest version of the Keysight IO Libraries, see
  • If prompted, install Matlab Component Runtime 7.5
  • If prompted, install Matlab Compiler Runtime 7.15
  • For new images, install the Infiniium TouchScreen driver software from: InfTouchScreen641.exe
  • If UltraVNC is not installed on your oscilloscope for enabling Web Control:
    • Install the latest version of UltraVNC from 
    • Install the UltraVNC Mirror Driver from 
    • In UltraVNC Admin Properties, check "Accept Socket Connections", check "Enable Java Viewer", and assign desired 8-character passwords

System Recovery Process

If you are working with a hard-drive replacement kit or have re-imaged your hard-drive, follow these instructions. (On Windows 7 systems, Internet Explorer can be accessed by typing "iexplore" in Start > Search)

  1. Run the InfiniiumFrameClass.exe to set your frame type. On Windows 10 systems, this EXE file is located at C:\Keysight\Util\InfiniiumFrameClass.exe. On Windows 7 systems, download, unzip, and run the EXE from: (If the EXE fails, install: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable)
  2. Install the Latest Infiniium Software as described above.
  3. On Windows 7 systems only, run Start > All Programs > Microchip TSHARC Control Panel and perform a 9-point TouchScreen calibration. If this application is not installed, see Infiniium Resources above.
  4. Calibrate your oscilloscope or restore previously saved calibration files.
  5. When your machine is completely configured and calibrated, create a Recovery Partition:
    • On Windows XP, click the desktop shortcut "Run AMC Finalize".
    • On Windows 10 or Windows 7, click the desktop shortcut "Create Infiniium Recovery".

Infiniium Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7

Infiniium 9000 Series, 90000A Series, and 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes with the M890 motherboard can be upgraded to the Windows 7 operating system. See:

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