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Power Meter Firmware & Software Updates

The following table provides you with a central location of the latest firmware and software for your Power Meter. Click on the hyperlinks to access the latest version of the firmware or software.

Power Meter Firmware Updates
Series/Type Model Number(s) Latest Revision  Release Date Revision History
8990B Firmware 8990B Sep 23, 2015   View
U2040X Series Firmware U2041XA, U2042XA, U2043XA, U2044XA, U2049XA  A.02.02 Oct 16, 2015   View
U2020X Series Firmware U2021XA, U2022XA  A.04.04 Jun 01, 2015   View
U2000 Series Firmware U2000A, U2001A, U2002A, U2004A, U2000B,
U2000H, U2001B, U2001H, U2002H
 A1.03.07 Oct 07, 2015   View
U848X Series Firmware U8481A, U8485A, U8487A, U8488A  A1.01.09 Jul 31, 2015   View
N1911/12A Firmware N1911A, N1912A  A.05.08 Oct 13, 2015   View
N1913/14A Firmware N1913A, N1914A  A.01.12 Dec 15, 2015   View
N8262A Firmware N8262A   A.05.06 Sep 05, 2013   View
E4416/17A Firmware E4416A, E4417A  A1.05.04, A2.05.04 Oct 30, 2013   View
E4418/19B Firmware E4418B, E4419B  A1.09.01, A2.09.01 Jun 09, 2009   View
N432A Firmware N432A  A.01.00 May 27, 2010   View
N1918A Software N1918A  R03.11.00 Jul 06, 2015   N/A