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What does Error 771 on my Keysight 33120A waveform generator mean?

Error 771, "Nonvolatile cal memory checksum error" is most often due to some type of calibration error, e.g. an incomplete or improperly performed calibration routine.

If you have the needed equipment to perform a calibration of the instrument as described in the 33120A Service Guide, doing so may resolve your problem. The 33120A Service Guide is available as part number 33120-90014. 33120A Function Generator Service Guide

If you do not have the proper equipment available to perform a calibration, or if the instrument continues to display error code 771 after calibration, your local Agilent Instrument Support Center should be contacted for instructions on how to get the instrument repaired or recalibrated. Find your local Agilent contact at Click on assistance and choose your geographic location.