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Keysight Mobile Meter and Keysight Logger Application Download Page

Keysight Mobile Meter is a free iOS or Android application software that allows iOS or Android based smart devices to connect, control and perform up to three handheld meter measurements (U1117A supports iOS/Android) / U1177A supports only Android). User can easily extend their reach and be in more than one place at the same time.

Keysight Mobile Logger is the free iOS or Android application software that logs data and provides trending graphs from as many as three handheld digital multimeters (U1117A supports iOS/Android) / U1177A supports only Android). These data and graphs are useful for further analysis to identify intermittent behavior.

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Keysight Meter Logger for iOS 

Keysight Meter Logger for Android

Supporting Documentation

Release Note

System Requirements

Any Keysight U1200 series handheld meters [1]
U1177A/U1117A IR-Bluetooth adapter
Android devices with Bluetooth connectivity [2]
Android Versions: 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2[3], 4.3, 4.4[4]

[1] U1240 Series requires additional U1179A IR bracket to enable connection with the U1177A Bluetooth adapter.
[2] Certain devices are able to connect up to two multimeters only (for e.g.: the Samsung Galaxy S/S2 and HTC Thunderbolt smartphones)
[3] Android devices hardware performance may impact the responsiveness of the Mobile Meter/Logger.
[4] Android 4.4 is not supporting Keysight Mobile Logger.

The following Android devices are tested and found compatible with Keysight Mobile Meter and Keysight Mobile Logger. However, the devices are not limited to the list below.

Android Smartphones:

Google Nexus One (Android 2.3)
HTC Sensation Z710e (Android 2.3)
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.1)
Asus Garmin Phone M10 (Android 2.2)
Samsung Galaxy Note (Android 4.0)
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.0)
HTC Desire S (Android 2.3, English version)
Motorola Rarz (Android 4.0)
Hua Wei Ideos X3 U8510 (Android 2.3)
Samsung Note 3 (Android 4.4)
Samsung Galxy 5 (Android 4.4)

Android Tablets:

Google Nexus 7 (Android 4.2)
Asus EeePad Transformer (Android 4.0)
Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1010 (Android 2.2)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, 7.7 (Android 3.1/3.2)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inches (Android 4.0)

iOS Devices:

iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5
iPad Air
iPad mini with Retina display
iPad (4th generation)
iPod touch (5th generation)

Bluetooth and the Bluetooth logos are trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A. and licensed to
Keysight Technologies, Inc.

iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.