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Foundry Partners - United Monolithic Semiconductors

United Monolithic SemiconductorsUnited Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) foundry delivers a range of processes and services that bring value and benefit to clients. State-of-the-art systems, design kits, and scaleable reliable models, support the design and production of high performance Gallium Arsenide MMICs.

In support of foundry services, training and mentoring is available from UMS' highly experienced professionals, who have depth and breadth of experience in the design and application of GaAs technology in successful Defense, Aerospace, Telecoms and Industrial solutions.

The ADS PDK support matrix is given below:

UMS Process Design Kits
Process Name ADS 2009 PDK ADS 2011 PDK
HP07 Yes Yes
PH15 Yes Yes
PH25 Yes Yes
PPH15 Yes Yes
PPH25 Yes Yes
HB20P Yes Yes
HB20L Yes on demand
HB20M Yes Yes
BES100 Yes Yes
HB20P Yes Yes
PPH25X Yes Yes

The kits work seamlessly with ADS 2011, ADS 2009 Update 1 and prior ADS releases.

The PDKs are distributed by UMS and are available for immediate use with the Keysight ADS software.

Note: Features provided in the Advanced Design System (ADS) MMIC Tool Bar enable the full set of layout editing commands customized for foundry-specific PDKs, including single-button commands to:

  • convert traces to transmission-line elements
  • edit transmission-line elements (stretch, tap, split, move to layer)
  • automatically insert vias
  • automatically create multi-layer metal traces
  • synchronize layout back to the schematic
  • check design differences between layout and schematic
  • show nodal and physical connectivity
  • and launch the 3D layout viewer and DRC engine


Contact your foundry partner directly for downloading the latest ADS PDKs. United Monolithic Semiconductors 

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